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My piece won first place in an art competition this past weekend. So proud!

New painting in progress!

A new idea I’m exploring- ball point pen…

Teenwolf is on tonight so here’s a drawing of Holland Roden!


This week was crazy but lots of cool things happened.
1.) I had a band concert, and later in the week I also had a chamber concert that I played in with a group of 7 trumpets (note to self: NEVER AGAIN)
2.) I went to my school’s winter semiformal and then went to the diner with Katie
3.) FINALLY finished my painting I’ve been working on for a month
4/5.) Began a painting of Katie aka my gorgeous best friend

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Chuck Close Inspired Self Portrait

After about a month of work, I’m finally done! Check out my blog for some progress pictures of this.

My first still life oil painting (why has it taken me 10 months?).

This is the trumpet I learned to play on. It has kinda been passed down through the family.

Also yellowwww. I never use yellow so this is new.

A quick sketch inspired by KwangHo Shin’s charcoal drawings.

Finishing up an old oil paint doodle

More updates! I finally finished the underpainting and got to the fun part- lots and lots of shapes!